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 Duty of Tutees/Parents & Guardians

  1. It is the parent or guardian’s responsibility to make sure the students behavior is consistently acceptable, if the standard of behavior of the student drops to a low level as to disrupt the session then MST reserves the right to cancel tuition with the student. The tutors are there to help and support the student to achieve the best possible grades; this cannot be done if the student misbehaves. This includes, but is not limited to, incomplete homework’s or clear disinterest in the session.
  1. It is also the parent or guardian’s responsibility to make sure the session is conducted in appropriate working conditions; this is to maximise the efficiency of the session for the student and allow the tutor to carry out his duties effectively.
  1. There will be a zero tolerance policy with regards to the mistreatment of all MST staff.
  1. All cancellations should be submitted online 12 hours before the scheduled lesson; this is to give reasonable time to notify the tutor. Accordingly, in absence of due cause, there will be an automatic charge for the full price of the lesson if the cancellation is submitted less than 12 hours, the parent is guaranteed to be refunded half the agreed amount in all cases. Parents will only be refunded the full amount in the case of emergencies.
  1. Tutees are prohibited from making copies and/or distributing MST property and/or using them for any other purpose than for which Manchester Star Tuition provides them for. This purpose is for the tutees sole use, to help the student answer questions in lessons, and keep them on track after the tutor leaves. 

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