About Us

Manchester Star Tuition is the first tutoring company to introduce an interactive learning and organisational online platform for students to use along side private tuition. MST was founded in 2015 with only two tutors, providing tuition for over 40 students. In 2016 the company now has over ten tutors working across Manchester. MST only provides 1 - 1 tuition for Maths and English at students homes. This ensures the highest possible amount of contact time and student support. Our lessons do not only cover academic topic but we encourage our tutors to also teach students the importants of independent study and homework, to no only ensure success at GCSE level but also at A - Level and University. 

Visions & Values

At MST we believe that all students are entailed to excellent tuition at very affordable prices. It has become very common for individuals to associate private tuition with high income families, however we at MST believe that everyone deserves the best chance at academic success. 

What Makes Us Different

Personalised Online Dashboard

MST offers students the ability to take control of their learning with the support of a MST tutor. All students are set up with their very own unique student account. From this account students are able to cancel lessons, check feedback/progress and download resources.

MST Tutors

MST tutors are reliable, trained, DBS checked and qualified. All our tutors have been selected because of their level of professionalism and work ethic. MST tutors will always go the extra mile necessary to ensure their students success.

MST Tuition Style

MST Specialises in providing 1 - 1 tutoring to deliver the most effective lessons possible. This offers Students personalised lessons, 100% contact time with no distractions and a great tutor relationship.


MST focuses on making the tutoring process as convenient as possible through tuition based in your own home. We use personalised resources and a comprehensive online lesson planner, allowing for an efficient and enriching experience.

Get Started Today

At Manchester Star Tuition we promise to deliver an outstanding learning experience, which will not only support student learning but also establish a good work ethic, ensuring future academic success. MST offers student an online platform that puts students in driving seat of their own learning with endless support from MST tutors. Join us now by filling out our "Book a Tutor" form or Call Us on 0161 327 2629.